Over ten years ago a client called us and asked if we could put some Holiday music   together for them and make a CD with their company logo and contact information. We rushed into the recording studio and produced our first Personalized Holiday CD. Today after selling literally 100’s of thousands of these CD’s to clients across the United States we have 9 different Holiday Music Collections to choose from with over 100 different instrumental and vocal tracks. It’s been a fun journey and the most gratifying thing is to hear back from our  clients year after year as they tell us how much their customers enjoy and appreciate the Personalized Holiday CD. This year we are introducing a new product, The Personalized Holiday Download Card. This now gives our clients two options to choose from and moves us into a new arena as we constantly work to improve and expand our product line. Thanks so much to all our clients who have supported us over the years and thanks to all of you who will be working with us this year and beyond. Our goal is to make the gift-giving process easy and enjoyable for you during the busy

Holiday Season.

Happy Holidays,

Doug Lanza

The Personalized Holiday CD Story