CD, DVD & Graphic Design

Replication is the manufacturing process that we use for CD’s and DVD’s when the quantities are 500 or more. CD replication is a physical production process that involves actually pressing the discs during manufacturing from a glass master. You can choose from a large selection of packaging options for any CD or DVD replication project.

Every project is unique and every client we work with has their own vision and plan for their project. Contact us today to discuss how WYSIWYG Imageworks can assist in producing your CD and DVD projects.

Our graphics design department will work with you to bring your vision into reality. Whether you choose to use your own photographs in the design of your packaging or want to work with us on developing an original artistic concept we are here to provide you personal service for your project. Give us a call and we will be happy to discuss your project with you personally. 

We take your CD or DVD project from concept into reality. For any quantity from 100 to 100,000 WYSIWYG Imageworks will work with you to package and produce your music and videos to prepare them for the market. WYSIWYG Imageworks is here to give you that personal service that will insure your satisfaction with your final CD and DVD products.

Graphic Design:

Duplication is the manufacturing process we use for CD’s and DVD’s when quantities are below 500. Duplication is the process of recording or "burning" onto blank CD or blank DVD discs. This process is very similar to burning discs on your computer CD or DVD drive, just on a much larger scale. We utilize an automated process that both “burns” and prints on the disc to insure the best quality for your duplication job. You can choose from a large selection of packaging options for any CD or DVD duplication project.